MAGNET NEtwork for practitioners

Networking events and knowledge sharing events to strengthen the pan-European professional community on migrant entrepreneurship support.

Upcoming Events


Each partner (see list of partners here) of the MAGNET consortium establishes a community of Practices at national or regional level which involves other partners from other COSME consortia and other relevant regional and national stakeholders.

Each regional community of practice congreates in one face to face meeting and one webinar.


The final MAGNET conference in summer 2020 will present project results on migrant entrepreneurship support to a European community of decision makers in policy, education and educational administration, labour market organisations and chambers of commerce, chambers of labour, migrant support associations, students, migrants etc.). The goal will be present project results to a wider audience and to advocate for additional resources and projects in the migrant entrepreneurship support sector.

Purpose of the MAGNET network

MAGNET aims at building and establishing the European community of organizations and institutions interested in migrant entrepreneurship support. Its purpose is to serve as a platform of exchange, experience sharing and finding collaboration opportunities beyond this project. This includes establishing sustainable communication and identifying collaboration channels.